Feel like you need to step off the treadmill of life?

Wish you could pause, take a deep breath and reconnect with your inner self?

In the Light provides a safe, calm, grounded and nurturing space for you to slow down, reconnect with your intuition and transform your life.

You can’t live your best life if you’re going through your day feeling stuck and confused about what’s going on in your personal, business, professional or family life.

Let me help you lift the heavy cloud of indecision and fear that’s holding you back from where you want really want to be.

Whether you choose to visit us in the leafy bayside suburb of Hampton, Melbourne, Australia or have a virtual healing via Skype, you’ll leave your healing session feeling grounded, calm and connected with your inner guidance.

The problems, issues and challenges you enter the session with will feel easier to manage and solve. The heavy feeling of being stuck (in a job, business, career or relationship) with no way out will lighten, and fresh perspectives and solutions will be opened. My clients tell me that the warmth, security and safety they experience on the table helps them feel strong and confident enough to transform their life off the table.

If you’re fed up with heavy energies and unhelpful thoughts holding you back from who you know you can be, contact me here and book in a healing session.

7 reasons people visit In the Light:

  1. They’ve been to a lot of doctors and they’ve given you the all clear – but deep down you know there’s something going on with your physical and emotional health.
  2. They wake up most days feeling ‘down in the dumps’.
  3. They’re fed up with not knowing what your life path and purpose is – you feel like there’s something better for you ‘out there’ but aren’t sure what it is.
  4. They feel isolated and lonely, even though family, friends and colleagues surround them.
  5. They feel ‘on edge’ and anxious most of the time.
  6. They’ve visited alternate health practitioners but nothing has ‘hit the mark’ yet.
  7. They’d like to connect to their intuition and inner power.


Clients Testimonials

“My work with Emily has allowed me to make a significant shift in my thinking. I have referred multiple friends and associates to Emily after my extraordinary experience in working with her”

“I can’t thank you enough for the guidance and direction I have gained from my intuitive healings over the past three years. I have had dramatic Improvements in both my business and personal life and truly believe this is from the healings I have received from you. For this I thank you and look forward to my future appointments”

“I attended a retreat that Emily co-hosted on personal and professional development. Such an inspiring and successful retreat which I gained insight on my focus for the next chapter of my career and development. Emily is such a warm and connected person that I have had the privilege to have met.”

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